Apple Egg Muffins


Wow, getting through the holidays and then into the routine of Jeremy and my schedules took a bit to get used to. I made these last week and they turned out pretty good, they are from our new cookbook, “Practical Paleo” by Diane Sanfilippo. I have only made a few of the recipes and I already highly recommend it! The first half of the book is all about why it is good for us. So for a majority of our posts in the near future we will be reviewing recipes!

In the book these are called, “apple streusel egg muffins” but I didn’t feel as though they were very streusel-y. They were delicious, just more of a mini, sweet frittata kind of thing, the word muffin is not so much a word a would use to describe these. I had a sweet tooth when I made them also, so I added a few things to the recipe, such as honey and a little cardamom to go with the cinnamon, one of my favorite combos. The book also says that the prep time is only 15 min, but I found that was off, because you have to cook the apples and then let them cool. I set mine outside in the 35 degree weather and it still took 15 minutes just to cool. They were tasty hot out of the oven though, and I am glad I made them. I think they would be best as just part of a meal, and not the main dish.

Happy New Year from Jeremy and I!



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